Sunday, September 7, 2014

So many articles and little time.

Is it terrible that I sometimes want to use my blog posts just to curate great links?   I've gone far beyond using any browsers ability to organize all of the pages I must revisit.   I think I've even worn out poor Diigo, an app that allows you to organize links an bookmarks.

This blogger actually put up a page of resources.  I'm just linking over to that site.... lazy. Or desperate?


The whirlwind of school

School has started again, and again I revamp my ideas about writing time and getting stuff done. I often plan to do extraordinary things during summer, but then life gets in the way. I didn't get the writing done that I hoped for, despite my Sunday mornings with my writing buddy.

So now, we start the school year and renew and revamp goals!

Merry Christmouse is with the illustrator, and she's doing an amazing job. It's so very cute!!!

Rainbow Tracks (working title) needs to be finished and sent to my writing group, and then my editor.

One of my dear friends from grad school and writing group members is a finalist in a screenplay competition. Another writer has done just as well with two of his scripts, and the third writer actually WORKS in Los Angeles.

So, I have my articles in The Belly Dance Chronicles and my up-coming children's books,  but I feel the need to get my screenplay out there into competitions now.

I'm going to work about one Saturday a month at our school for Saturday school, and maybe that should be a time I could work in weekly.

That's the plan....maybe you should check in with me and keep me accountable on my Saturday mornings.