Saturday, August 1, 2015

Working on The Collective, a screenplay

I'm back working on my screenplay from my master's program. It was my thesis and final project, and I still really like the story. However, since my program, conversations with my daughter, and the many social issues I follow, I'm looking harder at the really smaller details.

I want to look at race, gender, and orientation - stereotypes and role models.  I noticed the words one of my characters (a jerk and the antagonist) uses, and I made a few changes. HE might actually use some hate-filled words, but then I also want to keep some of that out of my movie. I don't want to perpetuate hate. I've tweaked just a few words, and I think the message is just as strong without promoting stereotypes or bringing up hurt.

Words are really important. I changed "messed up" to "did" and the whole connotation and implied backstory shifted. I want my antagonist to be the jerk we all hate, but I don't want other tropes to follow along like implied baggage. I can make changes, which hopefully changes how the audience relates to my characters.