Sunday, December 14, 2014

Working on Baxter's book 3 and beyond?

My publisher, editor, and illustrator now have Baxter's second book.  It will give my illustrator the chance to start her sketching while the text goes through editing, which should be a quick process. I have a good editor.

So I am now working on Baxter's next adventure, Searching for Sunflowers.  I had written out what I THOUGHT was going to be this story a year ago. However, my writing group gave me excellent advice to cut the book into two story lines.

This morning, I went through the manuscript from last summer and highlighted the text that went into Rainbow Tracks.  I've got about half the third book to now work on. If I stick to a focused schedule, I should have this third manuscript completed in a month or so.

And then?

In my writing group, the other three writers focus on movie and TV.  They are rocking!  It's inspiring to be in such a successful group.  So, my plan will be to get out my movie script and clean it up. They've given me some great feedback for the next revision.  I may step away from children's books and books for a while because I have so many other ideas started for cartoons, TV, and movies.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

One of my former professors...

is Jennie Jarvis!  She continues to inspire me both as a writer and as an instructor of writing. I love how active, how passionate, and how very involved in the writing world she is. She lives it.

I do, too.

She is part of a group that writes a blog, and each member has a different genre strength. It's really a very interesting blog to keep up with.  Her last post touched me because it asked that I take a challenge to celebrate what I have accomplished.

How often do we celebrate - probably not often enough. We seem to compare our lives to others (the topic of a future book) and to chastise ourselves for what we don't accomplish.

Here's the link to her post - and to one of her fellow bloggers who took up the challenge.

Will you accept the challenge?   In my next post, I will.