Sunday, August 25, 2013

Getting ready for a new school year - sharing a great article

I'm getting ready to begin my 8th year in teaching.  This year, I will have a new journey: teaching a GT 7th/8th grade mix of students in the language arts section of a blended humanities course.  I'm also co-chair of our language arts department with another wonderful teacher. I think having two teachers to share the responsibilities will allow us to do more and be more!

I will have two sections of creative writing, so I will be really reading and writing along with the students.

Here's a great article I wanted to share for anyone who wants to write.

10 Things Emerging Writers Need To Learn

Have a super week!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Warning! There be dangerous plot holes here!

I'm fully invested into this last pass of my script (ha ha... I know it won't really be the last one). And I've noticed major plot holes!  Last night, I considered scrapping the whole script.  It was late, and I wasn't thinking clearly.

However, this is all part of the process of creating something wonderful. If I had not taken a break (forced by Procrastination), then I would not have been able to step away from my writing in order to see it clearly. When I started rereading over the last several days, I checked previous pages for references and actor placement. I looked at the script from a director's point of view - what scenes matched up, which ones did not.  Was the continuity and pacing there?

I found some ridiculous scenes that served little purpose and took up far too much precious screen time.  I hadn't wanted to cut them previously, but now I felt like I'd grown out of the attachment phase as a writer. I am really ready whip this into shape. I'm not going to send out an okay script. It may be my first full feature film script, but I am going to do all I can to ensure that it doesn't go out with a big flashing NOVICE sign.

I enjoy plants and gardening. Sometimes, you have to cut and prune. You even have to uproot and replant. After all is said and done, what you do is in the best interest of the plants as a whole.

Just go in knowing you might have to be brutal!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

And it continues....

I need to break up with PROCRASTINATION. I'm not sure how, but HE always messes up my intentions to write and revise. I try to tell HIM that I enjoy writing - the process, the creativity, all of it. However, HE  seems to get me with all of HIS tricks. Grrrrr..... I want to break up with you, Procrastination.

So, maybe I need to analyze this relationship and help myself with my handy-dandy life-coaching skills. I frequently have to wear two hats at the same time; it always helps that the life-coaching hat is the sensible hat.

Here is the conversation we had:

Writer Tess:  I can't write. Procrastination always ruins my plans. I keep talking about finishing my script, but I haven't. I can't keep pushing my dates back and coming up short on my promises. Even if the promises are just to myself, I need to keep them.

Life-Coach Tess:  Why don't you break up, then?

W:  I'm scared.

LC: What scares you?

W: Letting go. If I break up with Procrastination, then I have to finish and let go of this (script, book, article, etc.)

LC: So, you're scared of the next phase? Will you be alone after you let this (script, book, article, etc.) go?

W:  Well, no. I have others that I could spend time with. I like them, too, and they aren't getting my attention.

LC:  That's GREAT! Tell me about them...

W: There's a cool film idea that I got from an awesome dream I had. As soon as I woke up, I wrote down three or four pages of notes.  There's also a new Baxter book I want to write. I feel like I need to spend time with Baxter since his first book comes out in November.  I think he wants another book for the spring.  I also have an animated TV pilot and series I started. It was coming along nicely during my classes, but I had to move on to get to all of the other assignments.

LC: I don't know about you, but I think those are exciting relationships to build. What do you think?

W:  Yeah....they are. I can do this. I can break up with Procrastination. I'll finish up The Collective and send it out because it's really about ready to leave the nest. Then, I have three new friends to spend time with.

LC: Sounds like you have the beginnings of a plan. Let's talk again next week, and you can fill me in on the new relationships.  

W:  I did manage to set up an email and a Twitter before my last little vacation. Procrastination didn't even notice.


LC:  You go, girl!