Thursday, February 25, 2016

As my students soon embark on reading _Night_

I felt an urge to write a poem that transcends the decades from the Holocaust to our tumultuous world today.


Imagine as you read
Black on black
Human ashes against the midnight sky
the darkness of the soul, as
evil eats away all shreds of humanity

Imagine a leader today
one who speaks of building walls,
documenting anyone of a religion,
blocking entrance of anyone from a nation;
evil must eat away at his soul

Imagine the fear out there
mongers of open-carry,
protesters against human rights
The myopic view to save one's self above all others
evil eating away our decency

Imagine a world we can save
the kindness to help others
the compassion to serve all
a world of intention and purpose, where
evil prevails no more.