Friday, January 29, 2016

More developments in my writing world

January 2016 has been quite interesting. All of the sudden, writing opportunities are pouring in.

1. I contacted a dear friend of the family this summer about getting his deceased wife's memoir reprinted by my publisher. Unfortunately, her original files were locked, and it took him until now to get that figured out.  He contacted me that the files were open and ready; we are going to talk about sending it to the publisher.  Plus, he has a lot of stories for a possible follow up book that we are going to discuss. He'd like me to write it.

2. Another friend, an actress, has wanted to write, act, and produce her own one-woman show. She's asked me to help her co-write it.

3. My writing group tends to come up with cool and creative ideas for co-writing projects. One of the writers and I have already started the first steps for a new short.  We also talked about me going out to California this summer, where we might look at producing it.

4. Both of my children's books are now with my illustrator.  I hope that book #2 will come out in the spring and #3 in the fall.  Yay for Baxter!

I started back on writing daily "morning papers," from The Artist's Way.  It has helped me skim and purge the junk I need to get out of my head in order to focus on current projects.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Books are moving and grooving!

November and December were great months for getting my second and third children's books moving forward. Linkville Press got a new illustrator, and he has book 2 in hand. I submitted book three to my editor in December.  I'm hoping for a May publish for book 2 and a September for book 3.