Sunday, November 30, 2014

Can you believe it? Baxter's Second Adventure..

Baxter's second adventure, Rainbow Tracks, is rolling out to my writing group!  I'll send it to my editor this week.  

Writing is a funny thing.  Sometimes all of the words spew out faster than you can get them onto the page. Sometimes, the basics are there, but they need polishing.  Sometimes, you have to mine, dig, pick, and scrape for every single word.  Every time, I'm surprised how all the words settle into place and form a pleasant little story.

Book number 3 is rough, but well-formed and on its way. I know where this book is going already; all of the ingredients are there. I just need to put them together.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's finally here - PUBLICATION!!!!!

My children's book about Baxter and the chaos one winter evening in Merry Christmouse will finally be published by Linkville Press. I am very thankful to my publisher, Amanda Marie; my editor, Kathy; and my illustrator, Vicki.

It's so exciting to see your book visibly come into it's own as a product rather than only a concept. I can't wait to see more - and that means I need to write more!

Publication will be this week. Stay tuned for more details!