In the works...

Here are a few ideas in various stages as works in progress.

1. Children's book - non-fiction, history of Old Saint Paul's Chapel in NYC.

2. Children's book - helping kids and families dealing with death and grief

3. Non-fiction/Self-help - discussing the damaging effects of comparing ourselves to others

4. Novel - set in Scotland and the US, three women discover family and the mysteries of The Highlands

5. Teen paranormal - a New Orleans teen finds out that a her father did not die, but is fighting with angels

6. Non-fiction/self-help - rewriting and expanding an award-winning article as a free offering for my life coaching services  (

7. Book three in the Baxter's Adventures series!!! 

8. Print-on-demand Baxter items from my Etsy shop.

9. Non-fiction/Self-help - a quote book to bring awesome wisdom and action steps

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