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Tess was first formally published in the Alpha Phi Quarterly, the international publication for her sorority starting in 1988, as part of her role as Quarterly Correspondent in college. That role began her writing career in an informal setting; however, she was hooked on seeing her writing in print.

She was also published in Whispers Online Magazine for Women in December of 2001, winning a reader's choice award for "Bring out the Successful You." 

After 9/11 occurred, Tess wrote an impassioned post on a religious discussion board. That post has now gone around the world via email and resides on several inspirational websites.  Thus proving that on the Internet, you and your words can become immortalized with or without your knowledge.  That post has also become a speech read in several churches in the United States on the anniversary dates of the 9/11 tragedy and broadcast to our US soldiers abroad.

She says, " 'Where was God on 9/11?'  was a post I wrote in a quick moment of passion. I had been thinking about the facts that I presented for days, but when questioned on where was God during this horrible event in American history, this is what I penned.  I can't say it is word for word as I wrote it in 2001 because I didn't think to save the post at the time. I still find this popping up, so I try to write the website owners to get credit for the work. Their responses have always been terrific!"

Her first children's book, Merry Christmouse, was published by Linkville Press November 2014. It can be found on

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Tess' poem, "Playing with the Paranormal," was published in the Mountain Springs House Halloween Anthology called Lost Tales from the Mountain, Volume 1, and can be found on and other sites in print and ebook.

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Tess also has had several iterations of a blog on her life coaching website, Some of those posts have been gone on to be published in the Coppell Middle School North PawPrints (a newsletter for students, parent, and teachers).  

Starting in 2014, she became a contributing writer to The Belly Dance Chronicles.  This beautiful, full-color magazine has a global audience and is published by Isis, a belly dancer, instructor, and producer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Please see more at .

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