Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Moving "write" along

 I'm so excited to say that since my last blog post, I've accomplished quite a lot in the writing (and business) areas. 

I filed my LLC for my coaching business in Colorado, so I will be adding writing under the total umbrella for Success with Tess, LLC.  Not only will Success with Tess, LLC handle coaching, but there will be a forthcoming journal for self-care. When I lived in Texas, I only had a DBA, so this is stepping forward in business for me. 

I purchased a block of ISBNs for my children's books, which will be republished this year if I keep to my schedule. I have a wonderful artist friend who will help me rework the illustrations for the 2 existing Baxter books and get the third completed and published.  We will also be putting out coloring books on my Etsy site.... that's a thing, too. 

I've been working on my short articles for The Belly Dance Chronicles. This beautiful magazine is currently on hold while they are looking for a publishing platform that suits their needs. I'm working on a number of articles so we can all hit the ground running as soon as they are ready.

Finally..... maybe... I am creating an outline for a creative writing course to teach in the continuing education department at AIMS Community College here in northern Colorado.  There are three campuses very close to me, so I'm betting I can get at least one campus to support this course. I am also considering applying for an English adjunct position.

For you, my readers, I want you to put faith in any writing endeavor that you do. If you are journaling, writing poems, or attempting something larger, DO IT. 

I think my entire family started writing more after I got serious and was published. I'm sure they figured if I could do it, they certainly could.  My dad, mom, and brother have started writing funny and poignant family stories. I could not be happier about this. I'm so thrilled they are all finding their individual voices.  It's a crazy joy for me to see other people write, feel good about their writing, and find their voice. I don't care what they write or if they share it with me, which they normally do. I just want them to have joy in writing. It's an art, a creative process, and an important part of human civilization to write our stories - fiction or non-fiction, poetry or prose.  It doesn't matter. It's a uniquely defining factor of our species on this planet. Blows your mind, doesn't it?  

Join me in finding your voice and finding joy. If you want information about writing or any of my specialties, hit me up at Leave a comment and let me know what you are writing or what you plan to write!!!  Put in links to your blogs or other writing so we can enjoy!

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