Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Progress is one step at a time

I used to teach creative writing as a middle school elective. Not only that, but I also helped develop a three-year cyclical curriculum that would keep students engaged if they took the elective every year during middle school. I loved creating the lessons and content for my students, and naturally, I had accumulated quite a lot of materials. 

When I left my teaching position in Texas, I "shared" all the files from my school Google account to my personal Google account. Unfortunately, I believe that those materials were lost when my school account was deactivated. I'm pretty upset, but I can't stay in that place for long. 

So, I'm determined to create bigger and better, or at least to start on that creation. Right now, I have an outline of the major units I taught. 

In the meantime, I have also reached out to the English department chair where I want to teach a continuing education course in creative writing. This will give me the teaching and guidance outlet I love without the necessity of grading!!! And I hope to reach a larger audience this way.

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